«Don’t go, it’s a trap,» her sister implored over the phone.
«I can’t, I have to go. She told me that she had found an injured cat and that she did not know if he would survive the night. Being a veterinarian I can’t deny something like that.
—María, why do you ask me if you always get away with it afterwards! Last time she did the same thing to you, remember? She is getting crazier, her brother told me that the other day she was admitted because she swore she had seen aliens and that they had promised to take her with them, but first she had to meet a condition, and do you know what she was? Kill a human! Imagine, it’s very bad and you want to go to her house alone at this time of night for a cat.
—Yes, I agree that lately he hasn’t been very well, but that’s why he wants to kill me. Please is a bit exaggerated! don’t you think? I have to hang up, I’m going to her house, I won’t be able to sleep knowing that a cat can die and I didn’t do anything.
She hung up and when she got in the car her cell phone rang. It was her sister again.
-Again you! I’m about to leave for Sofia’s, if you call me with the same argument as the aliens, I’ll hang up.
—But, there’s more, she seems to have joined a sect, I don’t really know how things are, but everything is very strange, please stop being so impulsive for once in your life and listen to me.
—Thanks for worrying, but I’m leaving, I’ll be fine, I assure you, when I get back I’ll call you.
—Don’t go, I beg you, that woman is crazy.
She hung up on him again and heading towards Sofia’s house, she realized with a pang of frustration that maybe her sister was right. He remembered the last time they had met, she had made some comments about a group of people he was meeting with, he remembered that she had mentioned in passing that they were special, letting him know that they did not live on earth. . But she was already there and as crazy as she was, Sofia was her friend.
She rang the bell and a strange woman opened the door for her.
—You must be María, come in, Sofía is waiting for you.
– Where is Sofia? She came only because she told me that she had found a very badly injured cat. I want to see it.
—If she waits for her, at this moment she is assisting him and coming down. Relax, do you want something to drink?
«No thanks, I’m in a hurry, I have to go back.»
-Who are you? Where is Sofia?
She began to yell Sofia’s name, the strange woman placed a key in the door.
«Open the door let me out,» she told the stranger.
—Calm down, Sofia is coming. She answered her with a macabre smile.
—My sister was right, this is a trap, you are crazy, let me out.
—For impulsiveness, but I’m leaving now. There’s no cat hurt, right?
—Sofia, where are you? She’s crazy, she won’t let me out. She screamed and ran to the kitchen where she found Sofia with the dead cat in her hands with a lost look.
«Sofia, what’s going on?»
Sofia got up with her bloody hands, stared at the stranger and said:
—The cat is already dead, now only the human is missing and then yes, will you take me with you?

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